Celso Brings Positive Vibes And Hope With Never

Celso Brings Positive Vibes And Hope With “Never”

Born in Miami, Florida, Celso would later be raised across the map in New Orleans and Honduras and brings his experience from living in different cultures into his music. To end off 2016, the rising artist dropped the uplifting new cut, Never.

Enlisting the help of Mydus, Never is a nostalgic banger with deep bass, smooth guitar licks, off-kilter piano notes and soulful vocals during the hook that perpetuate never giving up. With his slick flow, Celso goes on blast to remind himself and listeners to pick yourself up from a plague of negative comments and to always believe in yourself and your dreams. It’s this hope and determination that will lift you above the puddle of negative chaos with its leper skull and sunken eye sockets that sneer from the slaughterhouse.

When the world’s got you down, spin Never and look out for more from Celso including his new Gemini album, due sometime this year.