David Versis Switches Up & Gives Praise On "Made For Me"

David Versis Switches Up & Gives Praise On “Made For Me”

After two years of silence since his Warhol project, Toronto’s David Versis dropped several singles over the summer, renewing the spotlight on him as a solo artist after landing a grammy nomination for Wiz Khalifa’s “Blacc Hollywood.” His latest, Made For Me, is a love song that mixes your usual downtempo trap percussion on verses with upbeat classic hip hop swings during the hook. The end result is a slick ode to your lady with bite and a Toronto flavour. Versis went into further detail explaining:

“The Intention of ‘Made For Me’ was to switch between different emotions, and tempos, in a way that’s intentional and fresh. It’s meant to be a feel good record, that is blatant about one’s appreciation for a woman’s perfection. The track is talking game to your girl, not with the purpose of hooking up, but just to show appreciation. But it’s still just talking game.”

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