jJ Brings Hella Smooth Vibes With Fuck Me Good Ft. Nate Smith

jJ Brings Hella Smooth Vibes With “Fuck Me Good”

With a small collection of songs from the last year under his belt, Scarborough’s jJ brings some major heat with his latest cut, Fuck Me Good.

Co-produced with Nate Smith, Smith once again delivers a too smooth cut with pristine elements that sit so perfectly nestled amongst each other. Colorful chimes flirt over the slow thud of percussion while jJ’s flow feels more effortless than ever as he waxes about a past lover and their quarrels, “Why we argue on text/ When we was just face to face/ And when you text you know exactly what not to say.” Unfortunately for the young artist, his inability to be the lover that he’s needed to be leads to their demise and in the end, he lets her go and wishes her the best, ruminating, “A young boy scared of commitment/ Scared of love and care that I could be missing/ That I wasn’t given/ Leaving me indecisive.” Oof. I feel you.

I’ve been bumping Fuck Me Good nonstop and you will be too.

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