ReoGalor Finds Himself With Passionate “Lost World”

ReoGalor Finds Himself With Passionate “Lost World”

ReoGalor (Tobi Akinyemi) is the Minnesota-based artist that began writing lyrics and recording music in high school with a mission to spread love and connect with listeners. With one EP already under his belt, he’s gearing up for a collection of more music and visuals throughout 2017, and the first taste is Lost World.

How I’m bound to make it
In a cold world with no conformation
That’s a lot to take in

Inspired by his trials and tribulations, ReoGalor kicks it off with a low fuzz and a tense ambiance of starved notes beneath his calls for help that get engulfed by the void. After a brief moment of silence, deep bass hits and he erupts into a passionate flurry as he fights to find himself in this chaotic world on his own and persevere through isolation and the grim realities that spit from venomous snakes.

Spin Lost World below and look out for more ReoGalor.