Rock Drops New Album Featuring FaxMachine With M.O.P

Rock Drops New Album Featuring “FaxMachine” With M.O.P

Off Rock’s just-released project, Rockness A.P, FaxMachine is the M.O.P collaborated banger. With help from Ford Tuff and Pascal Zumaque, the single plays out like a fight between Autobots and Decepticons, with Rock even giving a nod to the Transformers when he spits that he and M.O.P. are like, “the cannon on Megatron’s arm/ And that ain’t gon’ change just ‘cause MegaSean gone.” MegaSean being none other than Rock’s former partner-in-rhyme, Sean Price of Heltah Sketlah, who passed away two years ago. Hit play right here and scoop Rockness A.P.

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