Mr.Coquedeux - Le Grand Tour

Mr. Coquedeux – Le Grand Tour

From across the ocean, Mr. Coquedeux has come out of hibernation to deliver another delectable mix of lo-fi jazzy hip hop titled, Le Grand Tour. With this, the Milan artist ponders life and the people you cross in your daily travels. Who are they? Are they really who they present themselves to be? Do you, for that matter?

In an email, Mr. Coquedeux explained, “…nothing lasts forever…maybe we can really talk about Le Grand Tour as a metaphor of our life: a non stopping stream of people and places…nowadays, you can’t even distinguish masks…you only know that they’re continuously worn. Everywhere. No one can see you, no one knows you…sometimes we simply know people with a wrong mask and we imagine them throughout for the rest of our life, so it could be necessary to escape this locked identity with the aim of rediscovering yourself or redesign your being…especially through dreams…by the way, clepsydra is over, let’s start a new chapter of Le Grand Tour...there’s so much to discover…somewhere…”

Listen to Le Grand Tour below and check out the interview we had with the Italian last year, following the release of his (now deleted) vaporwave album, M0NT3NAP0L30N3.


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