CILVR Releases Soaring Debut Single "Hideaway"

CILVR Releases Soaring Debut Single “Hideaway”

Having been raised in a classical home and spending her childhood backstage at countless venues around the globe, newcomer CILVR steps into her own path with her debut single, Hideaway. 

“When we wrote ‘Hideaway’, we wanted to put into words the feeling you get when you’ve just put something behind you, and you’re on your way to discover something new,” explains the Stockholm-based artist. “Not necessarily as in escaping from something, but more as in curiosity about what the future might hold, if that makes sense.”

Fusing her organic influences with twisting synths that shiver and tremble, CILVR’s lance pointed voice pierces and soars while roaming the mists that stretch away into infinitude, somewhere between chaos and light. Beyond the mists, you’re thrust into a cerulean nebula that sweeps, twinkles, and swirls with an ecstasy that blots out the past.

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