Danelle Sandoval Moves On With The Silky Say No

Danelle Sandoval Moves On With The Silky “Say No”

As Danelle Sandoval gears up for the release of her forthcoming EP, “For Love”, the sometimes LA, sometimes Toronto-based artist returns with the second single titled Say No.

With help from French Braids, Say No slinks and ripples with a laidback ambiance that’s moody yet rings into pop territory. Inspired by internal conflicts about a relationship and the lockjawed grip it seized with, Sandoval explores this personal battle with silky silver vocals.

Sandoval further detailed the single saying:

“Say No” was written in LA with producer French Braids. I wrote it during a time when I couldn’t let go of a relationship I was recklessly reliant on. I knew that I needed to move on from it, but I didn’t know how to and really didn’t want to. I just kept going back to it. This song helped me confront my emotions and made me realize how consumed I was with loving someone. While writing it out, I allowed myself to be the most vulnerable I’ve ever been and in return, I gained a self-awareness toward my feelings that I didn’t have before.”

“For Love” is due out in September.

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