Granny Smith Releases Dreamy Delusions of Grandeur

Granny Smith Releases Dreamy “Delusions of Grandeur”

Delusions of Grandeur is the final release of the year and the 27th, following two albums and singles, under multi-talented Jason Bhattacharya’s solo project Granny Smith.

“‘Delusions of Grandeur’ tells the story of the illusion of love outdoing the real action of partaking,” explained Bhattacharya. “To go through the motions of what love ought to be vs allowing yourself to feel love. To feel love and to know you can get lost in it. Loving to be remembered, loving to forget, loving to be found, loving to be seen.” Bhattacharya’s tender vocals drift through this nebulous haze that’s elevated with minimal guitar notes and it all feels like an illusion. Drift away here with Granny Smith.