Safetalk Transmit Their Love With Gold of the Highest

Safetalk Transmit Their Love With “Gold of the Highest”

Anglo-French trio Safetalk return with their second tide of interstellar ocean vibes titled, Gold of the Highest. Where Universal crooned to this vacuous rock and brought with it a force greater than what our earthly souls can comprehend, Gold of the Highest urges us to look beyond our weak, pallid, earthly skin. There is a higher fragrant transmission. One of ripened strength, unity, and love. Safetalk takes this transmission and fuses it with psychedelic soul and an intimate panorama of pulsing rhythms that burn with voluptuous amber. It radiates and bends through a ceaseless kaleidoscope of magnetic light, penetrating the bleak veil with eternal love. Open your heart and mind and let Safetalk in.

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