Swellshark Announce Debut LP & Share Ransom

Swellshark Announce Debut LP & Share “Ransom”

Henry Kellam (bass/drums) and Shélan O’Keefe (vocals/ukulele) are the Chicago-based duo behind Swellshark and Ransom is their first single since last year’s Songs from the Island EP.

Blending textural drumming and electric ukulele, Ransom is about madness and abduction but with a cheerful tune. A rustle of percussion giggles with a sweet-tincture of sun rays as O’Keefe sings “I don’t need all of the answers/ If you’ll set me straight/ I don’t need to lock you out/ If you give me your set of keys/ To the gate/ Oh oh oh oh.” Playfully charming, Ransom displays what the duo have in store for the rest of the album – a fun backyard dance party surrounded by jubilant smiling faces.

Look out for Swellshark’s debut album In The Beginning on May 12.

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