Wake Up With Wide Eyes and Seaker's Magical Dreaming

Wake Up With Wide Eyes and Seaker’s Magical “Dreaming”

After spending some time writing a slew of new songs in the English countryside, Seaker recently released the first of the batch titled, “Words”The second is Dreaming featuring a blend of the organic and electronic. Synths rise and sprinkle with a cerulean glimmer to the beat of marching drums with a magical flare, saturated with desperate longing. Speaking on the single, Seaker says:

“‘Dreaming’ is a song about waking up to something that was there all along. We can all find ourselves stuck. Frozen in an emotion or triggered by something that takes us back to a rawness of the past. If we can get there, the realisation is that when we start to thaw that feeling out through acceptance, we can fuel a brand new journey, which is so powerful. Opening fresh eyes to realise what else we might not be seeing.

Life as a matter of perspective.

A person in a new light, a heart in a different state, a viewpoint only just apparent, these moments are often in front of us, whether we see them or not.”

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