The 25th Hr Signs With Color Station, Releases New

The 25th Hr Signs With Color Station, Releases “New”

The 25th Hr has a way of creating these unique and diverse soundscapes that you won’t hear elsewhere. They also have a way of doing something to me. Maybe it’s that level of “different” that you seek as a hungry music seeker. That rare special something that you just know when you hear it.

I just fell in love with audio engineering and sound design. I wanted a creation that was me with all its flaws and nuances.

Following the release of one of my favourite albums of the year, The 25th Hr has been quiet except for the jazz fusion single Sketch1. The Toronto based artist recently signed with Brooklyn based record label, Color Station, and returned to form with New.

“Girl you know I tried but I couldn’t be/ I’m twice the man that I used to be,” he sings to a stutter step kick in an ambient cave with hushed vocals echoing around him. He continues singing to a woman when a haunting swirl of synths erupt and twist, and soon settle and dissipate. “It’s a waste of time/ you know we blowin’ up,” he bellows and a quick rise of chunky synths enter and then quiet; a short moment of clarity. 80’s synths return as reverberated vocals bounce between pitched synths and the echo chamber collapses to a halt.

I hear a new album is in the works, so look out for that new The 25th Hr. I know I will.

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