Wallace Seeks For Answers On The Wall In Frame by Frame

Wallace Seeks Answers On The Wall In “Frame by Frame”

It’s been almost a year since Wallace dropped her “Pole to Pole” EP featuring “Black Lake”and now the Sydney-based artist returns with Frame by Frame.

Inspired by Harry Potter, Frame by Frame booms with an irresistible energy and a smouldering flourish of fire in your chest. With help from Danny Barwick, it dances and shines, wielding an array of synths and samples that meld, weave, and pluck creating a delicious aural feast.

Speaking of the single, Wallace says:

I’m a self-confessed gallery junkie and Harry Potter fangirl (I’m still waiting for my acceptance letter). 

Since 7-year-old me read the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, I’ve always imagined the figures in paintings to be alive like the portraits that hang in the Hogwarts halls. I love wondering what they get up to when the lights go out and all the punters/ muggles leave for the day.” 

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