The Cheap Flights Bask In “Holiday” Happiness

The Cheap Flights Bask In “Holiday” Happiness

Considering most of my winter listening belongs to sad sack shit (ok real talk, it’s year round), music with summer vibes need that something something to grip my attention. Local Toronto boys The Cheap Flights have that with Holiday.

Thinking of the older days and late nights that I’d wished I’d forgot
Fuck it who cares, raise up my glass
Cheers with the homies it’s a thing of the past
Let’s cherish this moment and hope that this holiday lasts

From the onset, a contagious feeling of positive vibes ensnares you as if the sun exploded and rained its warm glistening tide of rays along the beach. The boys reflect on living care-free with your friends and the things you love doing and not encumbering yourself with thoughts and images of her face, and instead saying fuck it, I’m gonna have a good time with the gang, go to all the shows, drink all the Jameson, and bask in all that is happiness in this life like weeds and dirt that we breathe.

Catch The Cheap Flights at Smiling Buddha on February 8 and look out for their forthcoming debut EP.