KRNE Remixes “Fuck The Summer Up”

KRNE is a beast and one of many standout producers that has risen this year. He’s also no stranger to working with other heavy hitters like Pusher, Alexander Lewis and even Mr. Carmack. Summer might be just about over, but his remix of Leikeli47‘s Fuck The Summer Up should help you re-live all the shenanigans you got up to these last few months. Or simply get you hyped.

Already a filthy song with the vocal loop and deep 808’s, KRNE’s synths sweep across his monster swelling percussion, creating a rich texture for you to lose your shit in. After following him for nearly a year, KRNE honestly just keeps getting better. Head over to his soundcloud and grab a free copy of his Fuck The Summer Up remix.

And for you producers, you can grab his sample pack for this remix over at