nvrmore Shares The Heart Wrenching “i”

Following a release on the NUMERALS EP, nvrmore dropped the gorgeous i. nvrmore said he, “wanted to create something for myself that reflects my current mood.” Opening with the slow atmospheric i hate something, a male and female duo sing in a foreign tongue from deep within a dark choir. It’s an enchanting piece that would play behind a viking tribe as they prep for their weekly meeting and subsequent human sacrifice.

Like an emotion that arrives in a quick burst when you least expect it, i need something is short and intense. Catching you off guard, it stirs the depths of your subconscious and leaves you breathless. Something is hurting you and that’s why you need pot or whiskey, or screaming music turned so fucking loud you can’t think.

may be nvrmore’s best work to date, but not going back and listening to his past work is inexcusable. So go do that as he works on some new projects. I’ll be in the corner crying to on repeat.

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