Amorph Release New EP & Mysterious Video For Vostok

Amorph Release New EP & Mysterious Video For “Vostok”

Since the birth of Amorph, the band has experimented with various genres in their 12 years together. With their just-released debut EP, “Where We Grow Tongues”, the Basel-based band has found their footing.

From the EP comes Vostok, a complex journey featuring the band’s dense rhythms and frontman Julian Zivy’s sonorous vocals that quiver and quake with the weight of deep reverie. Guitars spiral into a mysterious nebula and drift along with metallic synths like Venetian glass, undressing and swaying, sprawled with unsealed lips.

Joining the single is a video just as mysterious. A man living in solitude becomes gripped with madness and plunges beyond dreams and into the relentless monster with atrophied wings that is reality.

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