Enter A Deep Dream With Cale Hawkins' New Video

Enter A “Deep Dream” With Cale Hawkins’ New Video

The last time the multi-talented Cale Hawkins’ graced these pages was for our premiere of the sorrowful “Polyester Days” with its December fever. Now in the throes of releasing a new single every two months, the Brooklyn-based artist just released his latest in the form of Deep Dream.

As always, Hawkins’ wrote, produced, and recorded everything himself aside from the violin, courtesy of his long-time collaborator & friend, Chase Potter. With a funky bass and guitar, aerial notes and harmonies weave through with the bitter gulf of a cool night, fierce and volatile. Beneath the upbeat number is the world bearing down, breaking backs in the form of addiction, depression, heartbreak, and insomnia, each with its own hideous laughter. “Am I better off than dead?” asks Hawkins. A blacked-out dream is one way to go about it.

Joining the single is another charming animated video done entirely by Hawkins.

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