Falcon Jane & Andrew McArthur Cover John Prine's Long Monday

Falcon Jane & Andrew McArthur Cover John Prine’s “Long Monday”

Toronto’s Falcon Jane and Andrew McArthur are set to release a five-track cover EP titled ‘We Get By’. Speaking on the project,  Falcon Jane offered:

Over the last few months, amidst the endless supply of incredible music to listen to, five songs stood out to Andrew and me. These songs felt especially powerful and relevant; each talking about darkness in their own way, each giving off a sense of loneliness and isolation, each being unsure about what the future might hold. Andrew and I didn’t set out to make an EP, nor did we realize it was happening until it was done. Each song just seemed to perfectly capture a part of how we were feeling. So we wanted to speak the words, play the melodies, and feel the rhythms ourselves.

This week marked the release of the first bright cover, Long Monday by John Prine. On her decision to cover this, Falcon Jane shared:

“John Prine’s classic tune has always hit me hard, but now, during this indefinite period of isolation, and after his passing, the song rings ever truer, ever louder, ever deeper. The long Monday. The hangover. The postpartum. The state of solemn reflection and loneliness after the warmth of company. These long days are filled with nostalgia, quiet memories, and the longing for those good times that would typically carry you through the dark days. We are in the long Monday of our regular lives.”

Hear Long Monday and four other covers by Falcon Jane when ‘We Get By’ drops June 26.