Low Country Kingdom Drop Video For Electro-Soul Pony Cover

Low Country Kingdom Drop Video For Electro-Soul “Pony” Cover

Who doesn’t love Ginuwine’s Pony? It’s pretty much blasphemous to dislike it. That’s why when I saw Low Country Kingdom’s video for their cover, I just had to share it.

What began two years ago, keytarist Adam was asked to submit a remix of Ginuwine’s 1996 classic “Pony” for Magic Mike XXL. Unfortuantely, they rejected his version a few days later, so the band decided to use it themselves featuring vocals from each member. A year later, they met Nick Lentz who was a fan of their music, and here we are with a playful yet sexy – sometimes in strange ways – video for the banging electro-soul cover. Without giving too much away, watch it all unfold below.

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