Watch: Rosemary Fairweather - Too Low

Watch: Rosemary Fairweather Gets Dreamy In “Too Low”

Newcomer Rosemary Fairweather is an ex Vancouverite now living in Toronto who recently shared her first single, Too Low. It’s an intoxicating mixture of 90’s inspired dream pop with her delicate vocals breezing over the minimal beat. Continuing the theme, she’s released a hazy video featuring dancers and a close up of herself behind a screen of 90’s fog, perpetuating the dreaminess of the sublime Too Low. For the video, Rosemary explained, “Too Low was shot at a friend’s studio on $0. The video is a meditation on insomnia and how it can slowly drive you mad.”

Watch the video below and get lost in the enchanting Too Low as you drive down a summer road and into the night.