Yoste Shares The Warm Atmospheric Empty

Yoste Shares The Warm Atmospheric “Empty”

Following the lush “Chihiro”, Brisbane-based singer/songwriter/producer Yoste continues to tease his forthcoming EP with the new Empty.

Speckled atmospheric notes hum and swirl through a candelabra of blooming amber textures that unfurl like petals. It’s the warm embrace of late night thoughts as you slip into a honeycomb of reverie as Yoste maintains a delicate balance between the sober and the elegant. Of the single, he says:

“’Empty’ follows ‘Blue’ deliberately. In many ways, it carries the same themes but finds some resolution. It’s about recognising that I will never fully understand most of myself or what’s around me, but there’s peace in not knowing. Again, I wanted to counterbalance those quite heavy ruminations with positive instrumentation, something people could dance to and not necessarily think about. That’s quite key to my approach in general – I want all the songs to have depth for those who care to look, but I don’t want to beat anyone over the head with my esoteric angst.”

Empty and more can be found on Yoste’s forthcoming EP, “Try To Be Okay”, due this Friday on Akira Records.