Shan Vincent de Paul Sheds His Ego On "2Proud2"

Shan Vincent de Paul Sheds His Ego On “2Proud2”

2Proud2 is the first single to follow Shan Vincent de Paul’s passionate debut album, Saviors. Based off of Jam City’s sultry “Proud”, SVDP acknowledges his faults and casts all ego to the side in the name of love, “I won’t go on without you on my arm, arm/ Legga, legga, head/ Let go of my ego for your body.” With his slick flow and references to make-up sex, 2Proud2 is a mellow reality check and reminder on how to make a relationship work. Put on your headphones and listen closely to SVDP’s cool wise words about forgiveness and navigating through love.

When you’re through with this infectious song, be sure to spin Saviors and watch the stunning video for Die Iconic.

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