Meet The Hot New Stretch And His Debut Could You Be

Meet The Hot New Stretch And His Debut “Could You Be”

There’s no need to regurgitate how Toronto is exploding with hot new emerging artists. I get it. You get it. Everyone gets it. With that being said, in addition to the recent selection of Scarborough based artists that we’ve had on here, I’d like to introduce you to Stretch.

Who took your love away?/ Who made you cry that day?/ What kind of fool would steal your heart and turn and run?

On his debut single, Could You Be, it starts off with a sample of M.I.Blue’s luxurious Milk Song And Blue Ashes, who also joins him on the song. But things really kick off when the soulful work of Nate Smith kicks in with an upbeat feel good vibe and a slice of old school flavour. When Stretch enters, his precense is immediate with his clever wordplay and confident flow about the trials and tribulations between two lovers, with nods to Badboy, D’angelo, Usher, and more.

Could Be You is too fresh of a debut. So keep Stretch high on your radar and watch out for more including his forthcoming debut project, Ball Park Music.