CUTTS Watches You Leave On The Calming "The Way Out"

CUTTS Watches You Leave On The Calming “The Way Out”

The Way Out is the latest single from DC-based duo CUTTS and was inspired by how tired they were. “We were both so tired, neither of us really thought we had the energy to write a song,” says Peter Bonaventure. The two were working 18 hours a day and travelling between NYC and DC until the night they decided to take a break and the line, “Slip out of bed in early morning light”, wafted into the summer night from singer Lillian Cutts.

Inspired by watching a lover leave in the morning, The Way Out ebbs, rolls, and flutters with languid drums and bright notes like the gleam of the sun on your lovers back. The soothing late-night comedown mood builds into a sweeping crescendo with textured harmonies and an urgent pulse as if realizing this is the last time they’ll walk out that door.

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