Listen To Upper Reality's Alt-Soul Why I Still Make Music

Listen To Upper Reality’s Alt-Soul Single “Why I Still Make Music”

From her recently released EP, Silver, Why I Still Make Music is just one of the captivating self-produced singles from Upper Reality.

Much like the title suggests, this Austin based artist waxes poetic about her drive to continue forth with her own unique brand of alternative, electro-soul vibes. While many may not be on board with what she has to offer, her and Freddie Malachi are here to let you know that the power is in them, and it should be in you too. In an email, Upper Reality further explained, “This project is all about the fear of putting your all into something but being told it’s not good enough (and getting a “silver” medal). You put yourself down thinking you just don’t have the abilities it takes, but then you realize that judgment and rank is more about politics and familiarity than anything else.”

If you’re looking for something fresh with crisp soulful instrumentals, listen to Upper Reality’s Silver.