Young Mister Yearns For A Connection In The Infinite Space

Young Mister Yearns For A Connection In The “Infinite Space”

The world can feel like a loneliness place at times. Or most of the time. Or all of the time. Especially if you’ve ever gazed into the deep black nebula that sleeps above us with its vast and glorious solemness. In return, it gazes back at you and evokes feelings of cruel solitude, but also wonders that can be difficult to grasp.

For singer-songwriter Young Mister (Steven Fiore), these thoughts and feelings are encapsulated in Infinite Space, which was inspired by a podcast that discussed the possibilities of extraterrestrial life. “One contributor stated that he believed life existed elsewhere but was heartbroken by the fact that we may never get to see their faces,” explains Fiore. “This struck a chord in me, as the true nerd in me is also saddened at the thought of never meeting aliens. I’ve often felt like a loner growing up, as if no one truly understood me, so I tied the sentiment from the podcast into the idea that maybe the only beings that I could ever truly identify with are living somewhere in a galaxy far, far away—too far to ever reach.”

Infinite Space is a heartfelt message from Fiore to the cosmos with the somber touch of hope wrapped in his words. “What if I never reach you?/ What if I never get to see your face? I’ve been dying to break through/ I know you’re somewhere out there in the infinite space,” croons Fiore as he’s whisked into the stream of endless stars with Christie Dupree’s gentle backing vocals that stretch with skinny wrists for a connection of any kind.

Young Mister is expected to release a new EP, later this month.

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