Erik Fastén Releases Overwhelmed With Accompanying Video

Erik Fastén Releases “Overwhelmed” With Accompanying Video

Erik Fastén is a new singer/songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden and he’s just released a touching video for his new single Overwhelmed.

Inspired by feelings of guilt, Overwhelmed features Fastén’s naked honesty with his gentle yet husky voice, tender finger plucks, searing strings, and an emotive piano. “Always sincere and always so fake/ You see my color is blue/ Couldn’t go back now it’s too late/ Let’s reinvent as new,” sings Fastén as he reflects on our desire to correct the past and rid ourselves of the overwhelming memories. Like when you come upon a certain spot in the city, no matter how many thousand times you cross it, it now remains the tomb you spent hours laughing with that supple yet devastating chin dimple. The deafening abyss emerges as you stand disemboweled and realize they are gone and will be so forever. There’s no escaping it until these buildings crumble and rot with your anguish and their pallid face. Until then, languid windowsills that drip violet ink leer at you with dismal eyes and the faint moan of panic.

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