Owen Davies Feels Your Love Is All Dancing To Me

Owen Davies Feels Your Love Is All “Dancing To Me”

Dancing To Me is the second track off of Toronto singer/songwriter/producer Owen Davies’ new album, Janky, and features the support of his friends and collaborators.

Davies’ command of creating unconventional compositions is still prevalent on Dancing To Me even though it is the most accessible single on the album. A light folk melody with keys and a distant trombone shift into alternative-folk-pop territory as Davies sings about his fears of being intimate – something which we can all relate to. Fears of opening up and being vulnerable because you realize how deeply and truly you love this person, fears of the relationship turning trite and mundane, fears of the scalding passion that made you feel like you were the only two people on this dreadful planet, burning out. “I’m in your face almost all hours every day/ And I don’t want to be a burden on to thee/ I don’t want to be the light fixture on the ceiling,” he sings, with hopes that he can remain desirable as a quick burst of brass closes out the strangely melancholic song.

Listen below and hit that Janky.

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